2022 rankings of the 700 best French automotive distributors

2022 rankings of the 700 best French automotive distributors


Which dealers, agents, representatives have the best new and used sales teams? Which ones were able to stand out in terms of advice, quotes, prices and negotiations? Quickly discover our 2022 winners!

What does the distinction “Best Automotive Distributors 2022” mean?

The independent analysis institute “Le Terrain” and Auto Plus have joined forces to elect the 700 best automobile distributors in France, from among more than 25,000 professionals who make up the market. The study, which covered both new and used car distributors, was conducted solely on the basis of customer recommendations. The list of the 700 best car distributors is sorted by region and postal code, in order to better guide future car buyers.

Who was able to participate in the survey?

Car buyers, customers Customers who bought a car in the past three years were interviewed via an online panel. In addition, they also had the opportunity to participate in the survey directly on the Autoplus.fr site. In total, several thousand motorists were questioned.

What were the conditions of participation?

Participation in the survey was, of course, free and without any purchase obligation for the participants. Recommendations and ratings, including those collected on Autoplus.fr, have only been processed anonymously and aggregated.

When did the survey take place?

Surveys of automotive customers and distributors took place from November 12 to December 12.

What questions were asked during the survey?

Those who responded to the survey were able to name all the automotive distributors they knew. For each of the automotive distributors, they were also able to assess several criteria from the following three categories on a scale of 0 (not at all important) to 10 (very important). Advice : that is, for example, the competence and availability of the sales team. Offer: that is to say, for example, the transparency of the quote, the possibility of carrying out a trial, additional services (extended warranty,
registration…). Price : i.e. the price level and the possibility of negotiation.

Finally, voters were asked to give a final score to the distributors they visited based on their satisfaction. Overall satisfaction: that is to say, for example, the probability of returning to buy a vehicle from this car dealer. For this decisive criterion, respondents could give a score from 0 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (very satisfied).

Which automotive distributors could be rated and recommended?

During the online survey, customers were able to recommend and rate all of the automotive dealers they knew. In this way, each of the automobile distributors has the same chance of appearing among the list of the best automobile distributors in France 2022. Is accepted as an automobile distributor, in the list, any establishment located in metropolitan France offering for sale new vehicles or second hand. To assist survey participants, a list of over 15,000 automotive dealers has been made available. Thus, an auto-complete function allowed them to fill in the partial contact details of an automotive distributor and select the one they wanted to choose from a shortlist of proposals. If a car distributor was not on the established list, the participant nevertheless had the possibility of adding it and giving his appreciation by hand.

How were the Top 700 Automotive Distributors determined?

After closing the survey, customer recommendations were gathered through a scoring model to determine the best automotive distributors for 2022.

For each establishment, the following criteria were taken into account:

  • Number of customer referrals.
  • Customer evaluation of the four categories: advice, offer, price and overall satisfaction.
  • Evaluation of the will of the customers to recommend such or such establishment.

The participants also specified the importance of each of the criteria present in the questionnaire. Based on this assessment, each criterion was weighted and transformed into a score out of 10. Subsequently, a minimum threshold of recommendations as well as a minimum score (7.8/10) were set, in order to determine who are the best automotive distributors, both in terms of reputation and quality.

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