2022 Volkswagen GTI, golf R remember for loose machine cover

2022 Volkswagen Golf Giftolkswagen
Volkswagen remembers the 3404 2022 GTIS year model and 865 golf for a loose machine cover that has the potential to melt and cause a fire.
The cover can be released during “specific driving maneuvers with extreme high-speed power,” according to NHTSA.
Volkswagen will remove the machine cover from the affected car until the retained part is ready.
Sales of Volkswagen GTI and the eighth-generation Golf General began last year, but the heat hatchback had experienced its first withdrawal. In the notification first submitted March 16, the National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a withdrawal of more than 4000 examples of 2022 GTI and g golf for the engine cover rather than potentially lose and melted if it touched certain parts of the powertrain, increased the risk of fire at Gulf machine.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R
Michael Simaricar and Driver
The updated report from March 21 shows 4269 affected vehicles: 3404 GTI and 865 RS golf. The engine cover has the potential to be not completed during “specific driving maneuvers with extreme high-speed power,” the possibility of general behavior while riding a sporty Volkswagen hatchback. If a loose cover comes into contact with a heated surface under a hood like a turbocharger, the cover can melt and may cause a fire, NHTSA warns. The organization said that if the free cover of the fixation point, the owner can smell burned from the bay of the engine.

Volkswagen said it planned to remove the engine cover from the affected vehicle while working on a red-redesigned section. After the upgraded cover is ready, the owner will be able to bring their car back to the dealer and intect it for free. Meanwhile, the losing machine cover should not have a great effect on the ownership experience, even though the car might sound noisy without the restrictions on most of the machines covering the engine. Starting in February 2022, Volkswagen has begun to build GTIS and RS golf without a machine cover, according to the report. The affected vehicle owner will begin receiving the remember notification from Volkswagen on May 13.