84% of French people want to keep their car

84% of French people want to keep their car


Despite the many car-related restrictions, the survey carried out by the association 40 Millions d’automobilistes reveals that a very large majority of French people do not want to part with their personal vehicle.

As we know, the individual car is more and more threatened. The environmental standards decided in recent years are restrictive and it is increasingly frowned upon to use your car on a daily basis. But in practice, the French remain very attached to their car.

In any case, this is what the results of a survey for the association indicate. 40 million motorists unveiled yesterday. We learn there that 84% of French people are not ready to do without their car permanently.

Car-dependent rural areas

This percentage of French people even reaches the 92% in rural areas. A number that exposes a reality. outside the cities, the car is essential. It represents 4 out of 5 trips in rural areas. Its use is declining in cities over 20,000 inhabitants.

Whether it is to go to work, go shopping or take the children to school, French people living outside cities are ultra-dependent on their car. In the words of Pierre Chasseray, president of the 40 million motorists associationto our colleagues from Le Parisien, “not worrying about drivers’ expectations means being next to your pumps”.

In town, things are changing

In the city, trips by car are less and less numerous. But here again, city dwellers remain attached to their cars. Overall, the survey reveals that 77% of French people use at least once a week their car.

If the use of the personal car in town is decreasing, it is above all because they are more practical to circulate. In several cities in France, it is now easier to get around by public transport by public than by car. While most city dwellers would like to see less space for the car, they remain very attached to it.

As you will have understood, if the (thermal) car is increasingly criticized, it is nonetheless very important and sometimes vital for a majority of French people. The political stakes are therefore high just three days before the first round of the presidential election. Fuel prices remains high and the cars very expensive. L

investigation reveals that 33% of French people will vote for a candidate who is in favor of drivers.

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