a fundraising campaign for Ukraine

a fundraising campaign for Ukraine


To respond to the emergency in Ukraine, a new operation has been launched by advertisers and the media in France.

After more than a month, the war in ukraine still rages, with the consequences that we know. You may have seen it in your media, including Auto Plus magazine, but a national mobilization has been launched. At the initiative of theAPN France (International Advertising Association), and in cooperation with France generositythe world of media and communication mobilized.

Many players are involved in this operation: advertising agencies, media, platforms, etc. With one goal: facilitate donations to Ukraine.

Facilitate French donations to Ukraine

Indeed, studies show that the French, however generous and voluntary, are paralyzed by indecision when giving. “14% of French people do not give because they do not know what cause or association to give to”, explains Pierre Siquier, president of France Generosity. To respond to this problem, a platform has been put online, Infodon. “The Infodon platform exists to meet this need for information and transparency. Infodon.fr lists the activities of some thirty member associations and foundations of France generosities present on the ground and who need donations from the French to help the victims of this crisis. To consult this platform, go to infodon.fr/ukraine.

This platform brings together many associations, to allow you to give in the best conditions. You can also choose from many donation methods : classic donation, heritage, bequest, solidarity finance, corporate mobilization, etc. All means are good !

For its part, the Reworld Media group, of which Auto Plus is a part, offers free advertising inserts for appeals for donations (Red Cross) in several of its magazines.

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