Ads in PlayStation games too?

Ads in PlayStation games too?


Game news Ads in PlayStation games too?

Only a few days ago, you were told that Microsoft was considering adding ads to some of its games. It looks like Sony is doing the same…

On April 16, we published a news item about how Microsoft was considering adding banner ads in some games. We learn today that Sony would be on the same niche than its competitor…

Microsoft and Sony want ads in their games

Microsoft would like integrate advertisements in its games, but not wanting above all to irritate the players, would only consider it in free-to-play games. According to Business Insiderwhich was already reporting the information on the American firm, it seems that Sony is considering it too. Indeed, Business Insider reports having interviewed three Sony employees involved in the group’s strategy. The manufacturer would be in the process of looking for the right technology and the right way to offer advertising space in his games. The main idea being to help developers to publish and monetize free games, which attract a lot of players.

Inspired by mobile games?

The article explains that Sony would like to go a little further than the examples we immediately think of: integrating billboards in an urban open-worldin a racing game or around a field in a sports game … Indeed, the manufacturer would be in the process of get inspired by mobile games to reward players, and – in some way – “compensate” them (in-game) for viewing these advertisements. Indeed, you surely know it, certain mobile games limit your daily games, or your indices and bonuses etc … unless you buy them with real money, or that you watch an ad. So, after viewing it, you receive a new in-game life, a new clue, etc.. Sony would consider implementing this in-game reward system for viewing an advertisement.

Monetize without annoying

It seems that Sony is now faced with several overriding questions, before launch this initiative towards the end of the year. First, how to make money with it? Indeed, the manufacturer seems to hesitate between take a commission on advertisements, which may attract fewer advertisers; or market the data of its users, thus allowing targeted advertisements for advertisers, and a fairly “simple” monetization of these advertisements for Sony. Only, not sure if this is the most popular option among players! On the other hand, Sony would still seek which partner to choose for the integration of these advertisements. According to Business Insider, the manufacturer would like above all to keep control over the data of its usersso he would like to find the right partner for this.

Sony would therefore consider advertising, especially in free-to-play, for its games from the end of 2022. Microsoft would also be developing a similar system.

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