After Elden Ring, 6 Souls-like to come in 2022 and beyond

After Elden Ring, 6 Souls-like to come in 2022 and beyond


Game News After Elden Ring, 6 Souls-like to come in 2022 and beyond

If you have managed to finish Elden Ring, the now famous spiritual sequel to Dark Souls in the open world, you are probably already asking yourself a question: what will be my next challenge? So just for you, we have scoured the web to find the best Souls-like that are about to land.


In an artistic approach rather comparable to Lies of P, here is Steelrising, a new project from the French studio Spiders (Greedfall, The Technomancer). After the open world action-adventure game, the team turns to Souls-like: heading to an uchronic Paris, while the 1789 revolution was in full swing. A very real moment in history but accompanied by sorts of automata. The very heroine of the adventure – Aegis – is one, sent by the very famous Queen Marie Antoinette to help the revolutionaries. But King Louis XVI also had his own army. It will therefore be necessary to fight all these beautiful people in the heart of confrontations announced as “demanding” and “particularly nervous”. An original title that seems very engaging.

  • PC, PS5, Xbox Series
  • June 2022


After the very good Salt and Sanctuary, the Ska studio is back with the direct sequel, called Salt and Sacrifice. In this 2D Souls-like, you evolve in a kingdom plunged into terror after the invasion of the Magi. As a marked inquisitor, your mission will therefore be to face this danger, while a deadly secret threatens to be revealed. The quest is thus rather simple to understand: kill all the mages. To do this, eight classes are at your disposal (assassin, paladin, warrior, duelist, cleric, fighter, ranger and sage) for a game that it will be possible to explore alone or in cooperation. The icing on the cake, a whole online dimension, with multi online, elements of PvP, PvE and the possibility of summoning several allies.


Inevitably, insofar as Souls-like are very popular, many lesser-known developers want to create their own stunt. This is particularly the case of Bleak Faith Forsaken, action-RPG developed by Archangel Studios. The team immediately announces a vast open world to explore, where you will have to “run, climb, jump, go up”. On the trailers, we can indeed see a very vast universe, where huge creatures like Shadow of the Colossus are lounging. “Fighting is dangerous and will push you to your limits. Position, timing, and resource management are all things you need to keep in mind at all times,” the studio also writes. In short, as usual, we are just waiting to be surprised.


Along the same lines as Bleak Faith Forsaken, here comes Thymesia. In this action RPG – you start by knowing the song – the player embodies Corvus, a raven-headed human who must discover the secrets of a world plagued by disease. One of the features that looks very nice: the possibility of steal opponents powers to then reuse them against them. “The power of disease is the only way to get you out alive on the desolate, plague-ridden realm,” reads the official website. There also appears to be activating a “super form”, based on the crow’s powers. All with of course, all the customization side of the genre, to define your own style of play. In short, it seems to be pleasant.


This one, we didn’t see it coming. Overnight, Lies of P has really established itself as one of the most promising Souls-like coming. Already for its visuals and its artistic direction, very solid, which would make believe in a mixture between Bloodborne and Bioshock, and especially for its very original concept: the player embodies the famous Pinocchio, who will have to lie during the dialogue phases to arrive at his purposes. In the first – and for the moment only – gameplay trailer, it’s not really this mechanic that is illustrated but the gameplay, which is therefore fully in line with the Souls-like genre: the good reading of patterns opponents will be of paramount importance. In any case, we are really looking forward to seeing more.


Another game that promises to be excellent and that we did not see coming Black Myth Wukong, action RPG that will allow us to take control of the Monkey King, from the well-known fable. Enough to give life to a very ambitious title, which mixes both myth and martial arts against a truly exotic backdrop. Looks like a game made by From Software in person, Sekiro style. With a gameplay video of 13 minutes of gameplay as the first images, the title did not take long to excite fans of the genre. In addition, the project recently moved to Unreal Engine 5, the latest engine from Epic Games. In short, the Game Science app looks very striking, and we can’t wait to see more.

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