After how long do you get the maximum bonus?

After how long do you get the maximum bonus?


Highly coveted, the 50 bonus corresponds to a 50% reduction in the price of insurance. But how to get it?

If you own a car and have subscribed to a assurance, you probably know that there is a bonus / malus system, rewarding good drivers and punishing bad ones. Also known as CRM (reduction / increase coefficient), this system is based in particular on the number of responsible accidents declared to the insurance company. With each new claim, your penalty increases by a few points, being multiplied by 1.25 with a maximum coefficient set at 3.50. But then, how to lower your CRM in order to reach the coveted 50 bonus? We will explain everything to you.

A very advantageous bonus

A true grail for motorists, the bonus 50, which corresponds to a 50% discount on the price of the subscription and which is the maximum that can be obtained, is unfortunately not easy to obtain. Indeed, to have the chance to reach this level and thus benefit from the financial advantages it brings, you must have been insured for no less than 14 years, without having declared a single responsible accident. Suffice to say that it is not easy, even if you are an excellent driver, because a small collision can quickly happen!

Some companies also offer the 50 lifetime bonus, even in the event of sinister responsible. Do not hesitate to inquire with your insurer to find out if it offers this offer, and what the terms are, because it can be very interesting if you are a good driver.

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