an LLD offer for used vehicles

an LLD offer for used vehicles


The Stellantis group is launching a new financing offer for used vehicles: long-term, non-binding leasing.

Today, the use of a vehicle is very often preferred by motorists over possession: rental offers such as rental with option to purchase (LOA) or long-term (LLD) are now becoming preferred by customers, individuals as well as professionals. The Stellantis group, through its subsidiary PSA Finance France, is expanding its financing offers Consequently.

In 2019, the PSA group launched “Flex & Free”a long term rental offer (LLD) over 48 months and 10,000 to 20,000 km per year, while offering the possibility of changing vehicles after only 6 months, without penalties or additional costs for breach of contract. Initially launched for the brand’s new models Peugeotthe offer was quickly declined by Citroen and DS.

Second-hand LLD: termination possible within 6 months

Today, this offer is extended with Flex & Free OVand also becomes possible for used vehicles Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands. As for the initial offer, this LLD contract over 48 months is non-binding, and can be canceled from the 6th months without breach of contract charges, subject to 2 months’ notice: no early return penalty or additional costs will be charged, except for the costs of restoration, if applicable, or the amount of additional kilometers.

“PSA Finance France is still innovating thanks to this new offer which meets the needs for agility and flexibility acclaimed by today’s customers”said Fayssal Jouini, Marketing & Insurance Director of PSA Finance France.

Since March 2022, this offer has been available at the Citroën and DS points of sale of the Koala Group, in the south of France. Other points of sale should also offer this new offer in the future.

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