Appearance of a “pink moon” this Saturday evening: what does it consist of?

Une «lune rose», ici visisble en septembre 2021, n’est pas réellement de couleur rosée.


The appointment is given at 8:57 p.m. The full moon should indeed be visible at this precise time. Located approximately 374,000 kilometers from Earth, its distance does not allow it to be qualified as a “super-moon”, which corresponds to an alignment of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. Moreover, its color will not be exactly pink.

The star should nevertheless take on a noticeably perceptible color, especially since the sky is clear. The coloration, which varies between off-white and blood red, of the Moon is explained by a filtration of sunlight, which illuminates the Moon, by the Earth’s atmosphere.

A term inherited from the English language

The full moon phenomenon, a phase during which the visible part of the Moon since the Earth appears entirely illuminated by the Sun, returns about every 29 days. The phenomenon takes place when the Moon and the Sun are in opposition with respect to the Earth.

In this case, and according to NASA, the Moon will appear full for about three days, worldwide. If, for us French, this phenomenon occurs for an evening, it actually lasts much longerand more precisely from Friday morning to Monday morning. We are therefore talking about a full moon weekend.

Finally, the name “pink moon” draws its origin from the Anglo-Saxon culture. In fact, the latter is inherited from the English expression “pink moon”a term that would refer to the early flowering of the Phlox subulataalso called Moss Phlox, a flowering plant native to the United States.

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