Aviation. Ryanair will recruit and train 500 new pilots in France

 Aviation.  Ryanair will recruit and train 500 new pilots in France


Irish airline Ryanair announced on Friday April 8 the launch of a program to recruit and train up to 500 new pilots in France, as part of planned hiring to support the resumption of air traffic, a announced the company in a press release.

Thousands of pilots hired worldwide

This program is launched in partnership with Astonfly, one of the largest private flight schools in France, and it will “continue to attract highly qualified professional pilots to support its growth in Europe”, specified the low cost company.

These recruitments are part of a broader hiring program announced last summer by the company, which intends to train thousands of pilots to fly its new Boeing 737 MAX, said a spokeswoman.

A “Pool of Talented Drivers”

Ryanair “will hire up to 1,000 pilots a year over the next four years,” said Senan O’Shea, head of crew training at Ryanair, quoted in the statement on Friday.

The new program launched in France “will provide the airline with a pool of talented and professional pilots from across Europe to meet the needs of our growing network”, he added.

Ryanair has cut 3,000 jobs due to the pandemic

Particularly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, like the entire aviation sector, the leading European airline had experienced the worst financial year in its history in 2020-2021, with a loss of around one billion euros. , and announced the loss of some 3,000 jobs.

Despite lingering uncertainties, notably with a rebound in Covid-19 infections in Europe, the war in Ukraine and the soaring cost of living, Ryanair is optimistic in the long term.

The company forecasts an acceleration in traffic over the next five years: “from 149 million annual passengers pre-Covid, we anticipate a growth of 50% to more than 225 million passengers for the 2026 financial year”, had specified the carrier. at the end of January.

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