Bipi, principle of operation and advantages

Bipi, principle of operation and advantages


While car rental and leasing are common practices, car subscriptions are recent. To subscribe to a flexible offer, opt for Bipi.

What is a car subscription?

The auto subscription is a recent concept identical to all the other types of subscriptions to which you subscribe. In other words, the offer allows you to have a vehicle for a monthly payment. The principle is similar to that of renting, with a few differences. Indeed, the car subscription offered by companies such as beep equivalent to a long-term rental without contribution. Unlike LLD (long-term rental) and LOA (rental with option to purchase), you are free to define the duration of your subscription. This means that you pay for a service extending from 1 to 36 months, compared to contracts of 1 to 5 years for the other types of rental. Furthermore, Bipi’s car subscription is a flexible offer, ie it is fully customizable. If the basic contract authorizes a journey of 1,000 km per month, this distance can be extended according to your needs. You even have the option of changing car model beyond a 6 month subscription.

How to benefit from a Bipi subscription?

The Bipi subscription procedure is done entirely online and generally only takes a few minutes. To take out a car subscription, simply register on the site and choose your vehicle. The brand has a large vehicle fleet, ranging from city cars to new or used road vehicles. You also have the choice of many vehicle brands. In addition, registering on the site allows you to follow the processing of your file. Once your subscription has been validated, Bipi gives you the option of picking up the vehicle or having it delivered to your address, at an additional cost of €200. Please note that the subscription is automatically renewed every month, unless you notify us that you wish to cancel it.

What are the advantages of a Bipi car subscription?

The main advantage of the Bipi car subscription is that it gives you the possibility of having a vehicle without the constraints of purchase. Indeed, this type of service allows you to drive with complete peace of mind, without worrying about the repairs to be planned or the depreciation of the value of the vehicle. In case of breakdown, you just need to contact the Bipi service center, knowing that the subscription includes maintenance and repair costs. You can also have a replacement vehicle if yours is immobilized while the repairs are being made. In the event of damage following an accident, be aware that you benefit from an all-risk insurance contract with deductible. In addition, the company takes care of taxes and roadside assistance. The same is true for fines which incur additional costs. Only the fuel is your responsibility. As mentioned earlier, the basic subscription allows you to travel 1,000 km per month. If you exceed it, you can reduce your trip for the following month to stay within the range, or increase your package to be able to travel up to 3,000 km. If you want to replace your rental vehicle by another model, you just need to send your request 15 days before the renewal date of your contract. Knowing that the Bipi subscription is free of charge, it is more accessible to those who lack liquidity. As part of an LLD or LOA, it is common to have to pay a deposit of 15 to 20%, which means that many tenants must take out a personal loan. In addition, subscription fees remain accessible, since the offers start at €299 per month.

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