can we access the underground car parks?

can we access the underground car parks?


Can you park in the underground car parks when you have a car running on LPG? We will explain everything to you.

If you are used to parking in underground car parks, you have probably already noticed signs at the entrance prohibiting vehicles LPG to enter it. A well-known rule, which can worry and deter some motorists from opting for this motorization, which is nevertheless very advantageous, especially in financial terms. Because as a reminder, this fuel is currently much cheaper than petrol or diesel at the pump, with a liter displayed below the 1 € mark. But then, is it really forbidden to enter public car parks and private underground with a car running on LPG? We explain to you.

A valve story

If access to parkings underground is well and truly regulated for vehicles running on LPG, in reality this only concerns those which are not equipped with a safety valve. In this case, the car may indeed explode in the event of a malfunction, which is nevertheless very rare. On the other hand, since 2001, all LPG vehicles must now be equipped with said valves, in the context of international regulation R67-01.

All cars produced after this date can therefore enter all underground car parks without restrictions. This is especially the case for models Daciaas well as those retrofitted by an approved garage.

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