Can you uninstall the LPG system on your car?

Can you uninstall the LPG system on your car?


If LPG is more and more popular, some want to return to mono-fuel gasoline. But is this possible?

With the rise in the price of fuel, which has exploded for several months and increasingly stringent environmental standards against internal combustion cars, many motorists are now looking for alternative solutions to get around. In this context, it is easy to understand why electricity is meeting more and more success, also helped by the boosts of the State, and in particular the ecological bonus. But for those who prefer thermal models, there is another solution: LPG. With many advantages, this fuel is less polluting but also cheaper at the pump, with a liter charged for less than one euro.

How to remove the LPG system?

Nevertheless, the LPG also has some disadvantages, including a slight increase in consumption as well as a small loss of speed. Not to mention the risk of failure of the bi-fuel system. So many little worries that lead some to want to do without this device. But is this really possible? Well the answer is yes, and completely legal. This is particularly recommended if the system no longer works and you do not want to carry out the repairs because they are too expensive. In addition, you risk a counter-visit if the bi-fuel is broken down during the technical inspection.

If you want to return to mono-fuel petrol, this is therefore quite possible. You will then need to remove the entire LPG system through a professional, so as not to risk damaging your engine. Before being able to circulate again, it will be necessary to have the vehicle homologated again and to change the gray card.

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