Covid-19 outbreak. Antivax sentenced to 10 months in prison for threatening MPs with death

 Covid-19 outbreak.  Antivax sentenced to 10 months in prison for threatening MPs with death


At the hearing, Xavier S. admitted to being the author of the messages and having wanted to “scare” the deputies, but disputed any death threat.

The prosecution had requested against this nurse practicing in Switzerland a one-year prison sentence and his continued detention.

On January 5, in the midst of debates in the Assembly on the vaccine pass, Xavier S. sent a first email, which he signed with his own name, to 77 deputies.

This message entitled “a little reading” is a 26-page writing in the first person in which he says in particular that he wants to “throw a grenade” each time he crosses a police car.

On February 2, he sent a new email, still signed with his name, to 81 deputies of the majority. The message, which has the subject “near future”, is accompanied by two videos: one shows the episode of the “shirt torn off” of an Air France executive by employees in 2015, the other an execution by guillotine.

“The first video shows what is likely to happen to you in the best case and the second in the worst”, writes Xavier S. to the parliamentarians, wishing them a “good night”.
He sent the same message to Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health, to Yves Lévy, former president of Inserm and husband of the former Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, as well as to the editorialist Christophe Barbier.

“The guillotine is the French Revolution” and symbolizes a change of regime, advanced the defendant, hair cut short and beard fairly provided.
The criminal court also condemned Xavier S. to pay 250 euros to each of the 74 deputies having constituted civil parties, and a symbolic euro to the National Assembly and to Yves Lévy.

Xavier S. said he now wanted to “find a job in France”, but more as a nurse “since you have to get vaccinated”.

He had already been sentenced in 2019 to a fine for death threats, and in 2020 to a suspended prison sentence for contempt of court and of a person holding public authority.

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