Discover the 760 best garages in France!

Discover the 760 best garages in France!


For the 1st year, Auto Plus has launched its big survey to elect the Best Garages in France 2022.

Auto Plus has joined forces with the Audirep institute to elect the 760 Best Garages in France, among nearly 30,000 professionals who make up the market. The study, which focused on several criteria such as the quality of advice and intervention, the price and overall satisfaction in terms of repairs and overhauls, was carried out solely on the basis of customer recommendations. This survey was carried out with our partner

In order to help future customers in their search, the list of the 760 Best Garages in France is classified by region and postal code. Four regions stand out with more than 70 award-winning garages : the Grand Est, Hauts de France, Île de France, New Aquitaine.

The conditions of participation

Participation in the survey was, of course, free and without any purchase obligation for the participants. Recommendations and ratings have only been processed anonymously and aggregated.

When did the survey take place?

The survey took place from September 10 to October 13.

What questions were asked during the survey?

How did you choose your favorite garages? Your most important criteria are clear. Your main concern is the budget : compliance with the estimate made is at the top of your concerns, tied with compliance with deadlines. Then comes the quality of the intervention and the process of making appointments. Note also that you are a certain number to regret that your garage does not guide you more in the maintenance of your car.

In addition, there are many garages in manufacturer networks: 51% of you want to have your car serviced in their network.

And finally, before having your car serviced or repaired, you find out about choosing the garage: 43% of you seek advice from those around you and 40% seek information directly from the network of your car brand.

Which garages could be rated and recommended?

During the online survey, customers were able to recommend and rate all the garages they knew. In this way, each of the garages has the same chance of appearing on the list of Best Garages in France 2022. Any establishment located in metropolitan France offering the repair and overhaul of vehicles is accepted as a garage on the list.

To help respondents, a list of nearly 30,000 garages has been made available. Thus, an autocomplete function allowed respondents to fill in partial details of a garage and select the desired garage from a shortlist of proposals. Garages not included in the proposed list could nevertheless be filled in by hand and analysed.

How were the 760 Best Garages in France determined?

After closing the survey, customer recommendations were gathered through a scoring model, to determine the Best Garages in France 2022.

For each establishment, the following criteria were taken into account:

Number of customer referrals.

Customer evaluation of the four categories: quality of advice, intervention, price and overall satisfaction.

Evaluation of the will of the customers to recommend such or such establishment.

Respondents also specified the importance of each of the criteria present in the questionnaire. Based on this assessment, each of these criteria was weighted and transformed into a score out of 10. Subsequently, a minimum threshold of recommendations as well as that a minimum score (8.8/10) have been set, in order to determine which are the best garages, both in terms of notoriety and quality.

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