due to pre-filling errors, access to the online declaration is suspended

due to pre-filling errors, access to the online declaration is suspended


The General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFiP) announced on Friday the suspension “from today” of access to the online tax declaration site “at least for the weekend”, following errors pre-filling of declarations, in particular for teachers.

“Access to the online declaration is temporarily suspended from today, the time to carry out the necessary investigations”, explained a spokesperson for the DGFiP, after the report by taxpayers of overstated amounts of income pre-filled, the day after the start of the tax return campaign for 2021.

The alert came from professors who were concerned about the discrepancy between their actual income and that of their pre-filled declarations. “We have noted discrepancies in certain categories including teachers and expert work is underway at the moment,” said the representative of the Directorate General of Public Finances.

Some reactions on social networks speak of revenue increases of between 30% and 60%.

The DGFiP considers that the differences observed will not affect the amount of tax deducted but has preferred to suspend electronic declarations “time to carry out the necessary checks”.

“If you have validated a declaration containing a pre-filling error, it will be possible to correct it later and all the information will be given to you as soon as the site reopens”, assures the administration in a press release published on Friday.

The 2022 declaration campaign for 2021 income began on Thursday, with some new features such as the revaluation of the mileage scale decided in the face of rising fuel prices. For almost all French households who choose to do it online, the deadline runs from May 24 to June 8, depending on their department of residence. Households who cannot make a declaration online and therefore still complete a paper declaration, have until midnight on May 19 to return it. Find all the practical information in this article.

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