Elden Ring: the 6 endings explained

Elden Ring: the 6 endings explained


Game News Elden Ring: the 6 endings explained

Elden Ring knew how to mark the spirit of the players. Released on February 25, 2022, From Software’s new production caused a stir and is on its way to changing the gaming landscape forever. Today, in this first part of JV LORE, we are going to focus on the different endings of the game.

A cryptic universe

The universes of From Software games are known to be very crypticIt is the least we can say. Between the lack of cinematic exposure, often very vague dialogues and mysterious characters, From Software has mastered the formula of Dark Fantasy. Transposed into a video game, Elden Ring is the culmination of a recipe that plunges us into the heart of the Dark Fantasy genre. The creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki, wants us to live a unique experience, specific to each player. Legend would have it that the latter was inspired by a personal story, one where he himself imagined elements of certain tales when he could not understand all the English vocabulary. An inspiration that led him to create games with a cryptic and dark universe, allowing players to interpret their own version of history.

A finely crafted game design

But again, Elden Ring is a video game, which means that the story must be at least understandable for the player so that he can evolve in it. The term “evolve” is indeed the right term to use in this new From Software production. Once our character has been created, we are directly immersed in the universe with relatively few explanations. Once the tutorial is completed, the player is released into the wild, and must face the wild environment of Elden Ring. The landscape naturally draws vanishing lines pointing directly towards places of interest. A way to chat with the player through the level design. You will be led to meet different characters, with their own characters, but also their own vision of the story. It is therefore useful for the player to be able to synthesize the knowledge he has acquired, but also to discover what the world has to say to him. Castles dotted around the world, ruins, villages where terror reigns, Miyazaki communicates indirectly with the player so that he can make his own interpretation of the history of the Underworld. In addition to all these elements, Elden Ring offers 6 different endings to players, which we will present to you in this first installment of JV LORE.

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