Failure to respect EPZs abroad, what is the risk?

Failure to respect EPZs abroad, what is the risk?


To reduce traffic and pollution, limited traffic zones are multiplying in Europe. We explain what to do in the event of a fine abroad in the event of non-compliance with a ZFE.

As we know, the car is no longer welcome in European city centres. The limited traffic areas multiply, which sometimes represents a real headache for motorists. The names of these zones change regularly depending on the country in which you are driving. In France, for example, these are EPZ. In England, these are ZEZ (Zero Emission Zone) and in Spain you will have to pay attention to the ZBE (Area of ​​Bajas Emissions).
Many motorists are fined in recent months for non-compliance with these areas. Our specialist legal journalist, Pascale Getin, listens to your concerns. In this video, she explains the procedure to follow in the event of a fine received abroad (here in the case of a fine received during a trip to Italy):

What to do in case of verbalization abroad for non-compliance with a ZFE?

Whether with your personal car or with a rental car, be careful when traveling abroad. Fines can take several weeks or even months to reach your home. If you have been fined with a rental car abroad caution, as rental companies sometimes charge up to 50€ the handling fee for your fine. In the case of non-compliance with a ZFE abroad, be aware that this fault does not appear in the list of offenses punishable by foreign motorists. In other words, you run little risk of not paying the fine, despite reminders issued by the country in question. Be careful, however, if you want to go to this country again later, especially if you use your personal vehicle.

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