five municipal police officers in custody for having kidnapped a young man

five municipal police officers in custody for having kidnapped a young man


They were suspended as a precaution. Five Nice municipal police officers were taken into custody as part of an open investigation for aggravated violence and kidnapping.

Revealed by the daily Nice morning, the facts for which the investigation was opened date back to Monday. According to the newspaper, a young man, who allegedly tagged a municipal police vehicle, was taken by these officers to one of the city’s parks where he was subjected to violence: he was allegedly hit several times in the face with gloves equipped with “reinforcement”. The young man also claimed to have been threatened “with death and rape”.

CCTV footage would show that the victim was indeed taken away in this vehicle by officials.

“Facts of extreme gravity”

“The city of Nice has discovered, following a judicial requisition, that five agents of the night brigade of the municipal police would be involved in facts of extreme gravity, facts which remain confused at this stage”, indicated the mayor. of the city Christian Estrosi. “I immediately asked the director general of services to suspend them as a precaution,” added the elected official, promising that “if these facts were confirmed, all procedures would be initiated to obtain the dismissal of those who allegedly committed these facts and the city would be a civil party”.

The police custody of the five agents was extended this Tuesday at the end of the afternoon, said the Nice prosecutor’s office.

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