Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulators appear to have leaked

Golden sun


With the arrival of part of the Nintendo 64 catalog on his service Nintendo Switch Online (for owners of the Additional Pack), the Switch is more than ever programmed to titillate our nostalgia for old Nintendo consoles, and there is no doubt that the manufacturer does not intend to stop there. And precisely, a rumor has just gained momentum concerning the potential arrival of emulators for gameboy and gameboy advance for console.

Two new catalogs for Nintendo Switch Online?

It all started on 4chan, and if we usually pay little attention to rumors that come from this site, this one has a little more substance. As summarized Gematsua user posted several files that would obviously come from a development kit for the Switch, in which we would find files mentioning emulators for the two portable consoles.

That of the Game Boy would then be visible under the name of “Hiyoko”while that of the Game Boy Advance would appear under the title of “Sloop”. Both files would also be signed and approved by the research and development department of Nintendo Europe, which had already developed the DS and Wii emulators for the Wii U.

And it doesn’t stop there since Twitter users are now posting screenshots of these emulators, with even videos to prove this to be true.

If we will still remain cautious, the leaks accumulate, in particular with the user MondoMega who posts a list of games that are likely to appear in these emulators, with some Super Mario Land, Metroid Fusion or Golden Sunand many others.

Please note that this is all still at the rumor stage., and that all these images could be wrong, even if it would take a lot of work. Especially since seeing the catalogs of these consoles arrive would not be surprising, and could logically be part of the Nintendo Switch Online additional pack, to make the offer even more attractive.

We will therefore wait for a confirmation from Nintendo, which should arrive fairly quickly if all this is true.

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