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RTA Cabinet Store is one of the largest online distributors of RTA Kitchen Cabinets, bathroom vanities, and granite tops. With direct connections to the factories, importing direct from China, and carrying a 3 month supply of all the cabinets we import, we are able to offer the lowest prices on the internet. Guaranteed!

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Enhancing Your Makeup Mirror With LED Lighting

Hollywood’s depiction of the movie star’s dressing room shows the ideal situation – a makeup mirror at a comfortable countertop completely surrounded by incandescent lights, producing a bright, evenly illuminated area in which to do hair and apply makeup. Replicating this design at home is expensive, inefficient, and can actually be dangerous. Most people apply makeup, shave, and perform other personal grooming tasks in the bathroom.

Using LED Lighting As Showcase Lighting

Besides being far and away the most economical and environmentally friendly lighting on the market today, LED lighting is also the most flexible in terms of applications. LED lighting is perfect for accent or showcase lighting. Find out why.

LED Lighting and Your Health: Is Lighting Impacting Your Health?

LED lighting is more cost effective to use, reduced energy consumption, and is better for the environment than either standard incandescent or Compact Fluorescent lighting technology. And it’s possible that, if used correctly, LED lighting can actually be beneficial to your health.

Add Cabinets During Your Kitchen Refacing Project

Cabinet refacing has become popular with homeowners in recent years as an inexpensive method for giving your kitchen a quick makeover. The process normally consists of installing a new wood veneer over the exposed sides and faces of the existing cabinet boxes and putting on new doors and drawer faces. Depending on the sizes and number of your cabinets, the entire procedure can often be accomplished in several days.

Kitchen Cabinets Aren’t Just for Kitchens Anymore

Not many families are in a position to do a lot of expensive remodeling on their homes these days – with questionable real estate and job markets, spending a lot of money on your house may not sound like a good idea. Fortunately there are numerous ways you can spruce up just about any room without digging too deeply into your pocket — by using your imagination and RTA cabinets, your friends and neighbors may think you had a custom cabinetmaker pay a visit.

Can You Add a Basement Bathroom?

If your family is expanding or you’ve decided to remain in your home for a few more years until the real estate market stabilizes, you may have decided to finish a part or all of your basement. Perhaps a family or game room would be nice – maybe with a big screen TV and a state-of-the-art audio system for watching movies and your favorite sports team or an area with a pool table and wet bar for when friends and guests visit. Of course, you’re not going to want everyone to have to run upstairs every time a bathroom is…

Malls Are for More Than Shopping

The first shopping malls appeared on the scene in the early 1960s and today it’s difficult to find a town anywhere that doesn’t have a mall of some size – even if it’s just a few strip centers. As a contractor in years gone by, you might have visited the hardware store on main street for your screws and nails, but now most professionals head for the contractor desk at the nearest big block home improvement store.

Construction Finishes: What You See Is What You Get

One of the most enjoyable times for customers during the construction of their home or commercial building is when the time comes to choose their finishes. Unfortunately, when they actually see those finishes installed can be one of the most frustrating times for you as the builder or general contractor.

Not Over-Investing on Your Home in a Down Real Estate Market

As the housing market continues to decline, people are constantly on the lookout for ways to save money and ways to add value to their homes. A catch-22 to be certain, it can be a trying time looking to make your house more appealing to the market – all while spending as little money as possible. You may be hard pressed to find a solution to this problem, but RTA cabinets can be the very thing to ease your burden and pull your house into that new stratosphere of selling price.

An Affordable and Time Saving Solution for Custom Cabinetry

Some people have the luxury of spending weeks or even months to plan their kitchen remodeling – but many others are not afforded the option of spreading the process over an entire season. Whether you are trying to sell your house, or whether you are just moving in and you want your kitchen finished and ready for use right away, RTA kitchen cabinets are likely the best option for those looking to get things done in a hurry. RTA cabinets are a huge investment for your kitchen, but they don’t have to represent an investment that costs a ton…

Planning For Your New Kitchen With RTA Kitchen Cabinets

When it is time to redesign your home, there are a lot of things to consider. Planning and deliberating might take weeks or months, and the delivery, building and installation process can take months after that. When you’re making these kinds of plans, it is best to make each aspect of the process as easy for yourself as possible.

Improving Your Kitchen With RTA Cabinets

Whether you’re selling your house or moving into a new place, your kitchen cabinets can say a lot about the way you are living in your house. Not only can they tie together the most important room in your home, but they can determine how much interest you receive when you’re selling – or how long you stay after you buy.

RTA Cabinets and Laminate Flooring

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project, choosing the right flooring can make or break your kitchen design. When you discover how easy it can be to install laminate flooring and the low cost involved, you may want to think about doing a few more rooms in your home.

Instant Kitchens From RTA Cabinets

Whether you’re contemplating purchasing a small vacation home, putting an in-law suite over the garage, or simply adding a wet bar to your family room, RTA (ready-to-assemble) Kitchen Cabinets may be the ideal solution for your kitchen cabinet dilemma. Imagine being able to purchase all the base and wall cabinets needed for a small kitchen for less than $600 or about what the major manufacturers might charge for one or two kitchen cabinets.

Follow the 100 Percent Rule to Cut Your Costs

The current state of the economy and very high fuel prices has many contractors looking for additional cost savings in what are already very small profit margins. It’s difficult to land new projects these days and when you do get one, the last thing you want is to lose money on the job. One technique that may help you operate more efficiently and save on labor and fuel costs is to ask your crews to practice the 100 percent rule.

Good Customer Service: Why It Always Matters

Customer service is vital part of every industry, since a large portion of new customers still come from referrals. For the construction industry, it is even more important in today’s economic environment. With increased competition for fewer and fewer projects, customer service can be the deciding factor.

Sustainable Kitchen Remodeling: Bamboo RTA Cabinets

Most people understand that driving a car with good gas mileage can help the environment and adding more insulation to their home may save energy, but how can you be eco-friendly during a kitchen remodel? Actually it’s not as difficult as you might think – there are many kitchen remodeling materials made from sustainable or recycled products and using them can result in a beautiful eco-friendly transformation for your room.

Bidding for Success

In an ideal world contractor generals would be able to negotiate all their new contracts with repeat customers and avoid bid jobs like the plague. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and probably never will – bidding projects has become big part of most general contractors’ everyday lives and the competition for available jobs in the current economic climate can be fierce. Bid days can be stressful to say the least, but if you follow a few tips, you can ease the pain and you may even win a few projects in the process.

Why Jobsite Safety Needs to Be a Priority

Nobody likes having one of their employees injured on a jobsite and if it was a preventable accident, that only makes it worse. Even minor injuries can put an employee out of work for a while and if the injury is major, it could be the end of their construction career. However, while your primary concern should be for the worker, there are also ways a jobsite accident can cost your business.

3 Tips for Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling

It’s no secret that many families are operating on tight budgets these days and who knows when the economy might start to get better? However, while you may have had to put some of your more expensive home improvement projects on hold, there’s no reason why you have to delay your kitchen remodel.

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