Grenoble loses and Angers comes back tied!

Grenoble loses and Angers comes back tied!


The sheet

In Grenoble (Polesud ice rink): Angers beat Grenoble 3-1 (1-1, 0-0, 0-2), 1-1 in the series.

Referees: Messrs. Barbez, Cregut, Douchy and Goncalves. 4208 spectators.

Goal for Grenoble: 12’59” Valier (F.Dair, Koudri).

Goals for Angers: 8’12” Bouvet; 42’23” Halley (Giroux); 45’55” Halley (Smith, Dusseau).

Penalties: 6′ (3×2′) against Grenoble; 24′ (7×2′ + 10′) against Angers).

Going in search of a second victory in this final after that of the day before (5-2), the Grenoble residents were the first to be surprised. A bad transmission from Valier, the recovery and the goal from Angevin Maurin Bouvet to open hostilities (9th, 0-1). But the Wolf Burners striker is recovering: it is he who is present on the rebound to equalize four minutes later (13th, 1-1).

The Dukes are very undisciplined in the first two periods (24 minutes of penalty), but Grenoble does not benefit from it in numerical superiority. Two big goalkeepers (Jakub Stepanek and Evan Cowley) who chained stops, two solid defenses, and a score that did not change until the third period.

The rest of the series Saturday and Sunday in Angers

It was Angers who took the lead on the restart. A new defensive approximation, and Philippe Halley took the opportunity to score the 2-1 goal (43rd, 1-2). Before registering a double on an action carried out by a master hand (46th, 1-3). Grenoble thinks of reviving by Jani Tuppurainen (author of a hat-trick the day before) six minutes from the end… But the goal is disallowed for an obstruction at the start of the action.

The final will resume this weekend with matches 3 (Saturday, 6 p.m.) and 4 (Sunday, 8:30 p.m.) in Angers. And will include at least one match 5 on Wednesday April 13 at Polesud.

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Jyrki Aho (Grenoble coach): “The difference between yesterday and today is the opponent. We could also have played better, but these are the play-offs: it always works in favor of whoever has full batteries. In the first half, we have to take better advantage of our momentum, in the second too. Unfortunately, we miss too many opportunities in power-play… But that’s already a thing of the past now. »

Alexis Billard (assistant coach of Angers): “With the emotion of match 7 against Rouen, we had to quickly branch off to Grenoble. Yesterday, we were not in final mode: we were just present when we thought we could do something with a possible lack of rhythm from Grenoble. Now it’s everywhere, we must not be euphoric, we must properly prepare for match 3 on Saturday. »

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