GTA 5: Rockstar finally removes content deemed problematic

GTA 5: Rockstar finally removes content deemed problematic


Yes Grand Theft Auto 5 is neither more nor less thana huge caricature of united states of america which has seduced millions and millions of players, some communities may have felt hurt by some elements of the Rockstar Games title and did not hesitate to make it known on social networks. For this, the developers have actually decided to rectify the situation, and it’s nice!

Rockstar Games quietly removes content deemed transphobic

As we told you, some communities were hit by certain sequences of the game, and more particularly the LGBTQ+ community who did not hesitate to express themselves through the Out Making Games associationespecially since the very famous #MeToo movement.

It was last September that she asked the starred firm through an open letter from purely and simply remove from GTA 5 certain content deemed transphobicthus giving a more than pejorative and caricatural image of trans people, the whole having been relayed by the famous site Kotaku at the time of the facts.

If no answer had been given by the developers since then, it is to everyone’s surprise that the association has just announced via an official press release that elements considered transphobic have indeed been removed from the next-gen version of GTA 5version available only on PS5 and Xbox Series.

Although Rockstar has made no comment at this time, the association has not hesitated to thank the developers for this gesture, although we still do not know at the time of writing whether or not this is a response to their open letter from last year.

This change can have a huge impact on how these players view transgender people. Thank you to everyone at Rockstar who has made this issue a priority. We are game developers ourselves and understand that even small changes like this take time and coordinated effort.


And for GTA 5 the original version?

Regarding the version published in 2013, for the moment no changes have been made or mentioned, and there is no indication of such changes to come. Nevertheless, it could be that PC gamers can take advantage of these fixes since, according to the latest rumors, GTA 5 next-gen version should be released on PC shortly.

However, at present, it is only a rumor, but still coming from the ESRB. We can therefore expect an announcement from Rockstar shortly!

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