Here is the owner of one of only three McLaren F1 GTs in the world!

Here is the owner of one of only three McLaren F1 GTs in the world!


Recently, we saw the extremely rare McLaren F1 GT at London airport, that of Hassanal Boulkiah, who is none other than the greatest car collector in the world. He has just received one of the three copies of this model.

Three copies, let it be said, is not a lot. Having the chance to catch a glimpse of one of the three McLaren F1 GTs ever produced might seem like a daydream for a true enthusiast. Seeing this car is one thing, owning one is another. Although it remains virtual, here is some additional information on this hypercar.

Hassanal Bolkiah: the François Pinault of supercars

Does the name mentioned in the title mean anything to you? If you said “no”, we give you the answer now ! Hassanal Bolkiah is the Sultan of Brunei, with an (almost) record on the throne, thanks to his 55-year reign. Her fortune is estimated at nearly 20 billion dollars. This allows him to buy all the cars of his dreams and fulfill his most eccentric whims.

Hold on tight, because the famous Hassanal has more than 5,000 cars, most of which are exclusive and from limited editions, for a total sum of 5 billion dollars. Formerly, he even owned half of all production of the Rolls-Royce brand. All this to say that he is more than a car enthusiast. The sultan has, in his vast collection, more than 300 Bentleys, hundreds of Rolls-Royces, hundreds of Porsches, more than 500 Mercedes Benz367 Ferrari, and other brands like McLaren, etc

Last of three McLaren F1 GTs finally spotted

It is with surprise that people noticed the famous McLaren F1 GT arriving at London Airport. Its owner, the Bruneian Sultan, sent it back to McLaren headquarters for restoration.

McLaren F1 GT was for a long time, as they say, the pinnacle of all supercars. It was produced in only three copies, unlike the GTR that we must have heard a little more often. The first belongs to a Swiss collector. The second also belongs to a collector, but Japanese. And of course, the latest model is owned by Hassanal Boulkiah. Note that this is not the only McLaren he has in his collection, he has more than 10 models.

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