How Democrats can win the 2022 election with a landslide victory

In 2001 Republicans had the majority of both Congress houses plus executive branches and they harassed this power by making many anti-terrorism laws that were not consistent with the US Constitution. The Republican Party lost the power trifecta in 1953 during the red fear Joseph McCarthy disarmed innocent people and American voters smart enough not to let the Republican party have a lot of power for around 50 years. This law which stripped the rights of every American citizen continued to be extended by the two political parties of Congress. Although Republicans have been involved in many violations with this non-constitutional law, there will be no accountability for the Republican Party which makes this law until this law has been revoked and the truth is published. Democrats can win the 2022 election with a landslide victory by adjusting the rules of the US Senate and beginning to revoke many of these non-constitutional anti-terrorism laws. Republicans have been involved in terrible abuse to control the Supreme Court M. To ensure this law has never been held as Ultra Vires, which will expose many Republican crimes.

The Watergate scandal revealed the executive violation of unsecured electronic supervision by President Richard Nixon in the 1970s leading to a landslide victory for Democrats to uphold the constitution. Joe Biden becomes a Senator A.S. In 1973 drove a wave of Democrats to the position of power. Senator Patrick Leahy was known as the Champion of constitutional rights was also elected in the 1970s. Since 2001 Democrats have let Americans come down by approving by the Republican Party to continue the laws that eradicate our constitutional rights.

The Democratic Party must defend the Bill of Rights by changing the Senate rules so they can part with the Republican Party. Republicans will never agree to revoke anti-terrorism laws because they like to abuse their strength to win at any cost. In fact, anti-terrorism laws gave the three branches of government power without limits to cancel the US constitution. The main Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia is proud to declare in public, “this constitution is dead.” Republican congress members currently repeat this phrase which is contrary to their oath to maintain the constitution. Even though history shows the Republican Party does not pay attention to the constitution, many people incorrectly believe that GOP does it because they support the second amendment.

The Democratic Party will be destroyed during the 2022 elections and future elections if they do not side with the Republican Party now and fight for our constitutional rights. Windmills and solar panels will not win the election. Democrats only need to be a political party from the 1970s that stands out for the constitutional rights of the people, not just the second amendment. We must always appreciate what other people do for us, especially politicians. Partai Demokrat terpilih untuk menegakkan hak-hak konstitusional kita dan mereka tidak menghargai kekuatan yang diberikannya. Setiap partai politik yang tidak sepenuhnya mendukung Konstitusi AS harus dikeluarkan dari kekuasaan karena mereka menyakiti kita semua, bahkan martabat pendiri brilian bangsa kita. Sangat sederhana, Demokrat perlu dijalankan pada platform politik “Konstitusi itu hidup,” yang merupakan warisan untuk dibanggakan.
Dale B. Adams membentuk penerbit megah pada tahun 2000, dan merupakan penulis dan penerbit diri buku itu, “Perawatan memberi Mudah – bagaimana menjadi pengasuh yang luar biasa.” Saat ini terlibat dalam litigasi untuk mempertahankan hak amandemen pertama.