how to recharge them for free?

how to recharge them for free?


Do your shopping and recharge your electric car for free during this time. In France, this is possible within certain brands.

If at home, recharging your car costs on average 2.5 euros for 100 kmthere are also free solutions to charge your electric car.

Recharge at your dealership

Main source, generally fast and reliable: the manufacturer of your electric car. At Renault and Nissan, terminals are made available to their customers within their dealership. Same observation at BMW as well as the brands of the Volkswagen group where charging stations are available.

On the side of Mercedes-Benz, where the electric appeared more recently on the market, the charging stations are still rare, even if their number has already tendency to increase given the demand for electric vehicles.

The solution for large surfaces

But not everyone has one dealer automobile at the bottom of your home… So another solution is conceivable. Everyone goes shopping more or less regularly in a big surface. The supermarket chain lidl offers its customers the possibility of recharge your vehicle for free. These terminals are equipped with sockets 22kW and 50kW for quick charging.

Besides Lidl, DIY stores like Leroy Merlin also provide charging stations with sockets 22kW available to their customers. The group Crossroads also plans to deploy more than 3,000 terminals by 2025.

If other brands also have charging stations, they are not necessarily all accessible free.

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