How to use an automatic gearbox?

How to use an automatic gearbox?


Automatic cars are on the rise. They prove to be more economical in maintenance, fuel consumption and less stressful to drive than a manual. Here’s everything you need to know about how an automatic transmission works.

How does an automatic transmission work?

The automatic gearbox is appeared in the 1920s. It works thanks to an electronic and electro-hydraulic system that allows change gears automatically. The system takes into account the driving conditions of the vehicle, i.e. the pressures applied to the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal.

Automatic gearbox: what are the advantages?

To move a manual car forward, the driver must operate the clutch and engage the gears using the gear lever. The mechanical box requires an effort from the driver, while the automatic transmission allows him to free himself from these efforts. Starting, stopping and gear changing operations are made easier. Concretely, the driver has no no need to change gears yourself. However, he may very well be totally confused by thelack of clutch pedal and the many options offered by the gear lever.

The meaning of the letters on an automatic box

Unlike the manual gearbox, the gear lever of an automatic gearbox does not display an “H” grid with the gears to be engaged but letters with specific meanings.

  • P “Parking”: to bring the car to a complete stop;
  • R “Reverse”: for reverse gear;
  • N “Neutral”: for neutral;
  • D “Drive”: to drive the car forwards.

The gear lever generally displays the inscriptions: P, R, N and D. On the other hand, some gearboxes have an M “Manual” command, which allows it to be in semi-automatic mode, and an S ” Sport” which delays gear changes.

The use of an automatic gearbox

Even though the automatic transmission is very popular, some drivers are not yet familiar with this type of box. Here is some tips for driving with an automatic transmission :

  • Before starting the car, make sure that the handbrake is applied and that the lever is positioned on the letter P or N;
  • To start the engine, press the brake pedal by positioning the lever on D for forward gear or R for reverse gear;
  • Lower the handbrake and let go of the brake pedal to move the car forwards or backwards automatically.

Why prefer an automatic transmission?

Driving a car with automatic gearbox is much easier and above all less tiring. Since there is no longer a clutch pedal, all you have to do is brake or accelerate.

This means more gears to change, more risk of stalling, or even simplified hill starts… The driver, freed from all these maneuvers, can concentrate on the road and adopt a fluid and more relaxed driving even in the event of heavy traffic. .

With this automation, you will therefore be less tired because your attention will be less solicited.

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