Ice Hockey. Grenoble crowned champion of France!

 Ice Hockey.  Grenoble crowned champion of France!


They win their eighth national crown! By winning 5-1 in match 5 against the Dukes of Angers, the Wolf Burners close this final series (4 wins to 1). Imperials in this fifth duel, all in control.

Yet it was the Angevins who struck first. On a shift from Tommy Giroux, Maurin Bouvet pushes deep for the opener (0-1, 11th). The Grenoble residents catch up three minutes later on an action by Nicolas Deschamps. The Canadian striker who dribbles, his shot is deflected and goes into the back of Evan Cowley’s net (1-1, 14th).

Angers cracks in the third period

The score did not move until the end of the second period. When Peter Valier comes up against Cowley and cleverly shifts Adel Koudri for the 2-1 goal (38′). Grenoble takes the break as soon as they return from the last break. A numerical superiority, a puck pushed to the bottom of his cage by an Angevin skater, but the goal awarded to Sacha Treille (3-1, 41st).

For his double, Deschamps comes to seal the outcome of the meeting (4-1, 49th). And captain Joël Champagne, in an empty cage, dashed the last hopes of Angevin while Grenoble was outnumbered (5-1, 56th). Champions of France!

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The sheet

In Grenoble (Polesud ice rink): Grenoble beats Angers 5-1 (1-1, 1-0, 3-0), 4-1 in the series, Grenoble champion of France.

Referees: Messrs. Bliek, Dehaen, Constantineau and Goncalves. 4208 spectators.

Goals for Grenoble: 13’47” Deschamps; 37’38” Koudri (Valier); 40’21” [sup.num.] Trellis (Tuppurainen, Fleury); 48’49” Deschamps (A. Dair); 55’22” [cage vide + inf.num.] Champagne (Jalasvaara).

Goal for Angers: 10’34” Bouvet (Giroux, Halley).

Penalties: 40′ (5×2′ + 5′ + 25′) against Grenoble; 17′ (6×2′ + 5′) against Angers.

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