Ice Hockey / Magnus League “Wednesday should not be taken lightly”, Grenoble to a victory of the title after a third success against Angers!

Ice Hockey / Magnus League



Dylan Fabre (Grenoble striker): “The mission was victory: so inevitably very satisfied. Afterwards, we are not going to lie to each other, penalties are always the lottery. We were lucky, ”Kuba” (Jakub Stepanek) did his job in the cage, we come out with the two away wins, it’s perfect. Opposite they didn’t give us a minute’s respite, they didn’t give up. The important thing was to take as few goals as possible, which we managed to cope with their big offensive by taking only two. Wednesday should not be taken lightly: there could have been 2-2 in the series tonight. We will take this match point like any other match, and we will see what happens in the end. »

Ethan Goldberg (Angers coach): “The situation is that we are back against the wall now, as we were against Rouen. We have to take each game after the other now, and we will fight to snatch this sixth game. These last two matches were different. Today, I think more success in power-play could have helped us. Yesterday to take advantage of our momentum. »

Grenoble strikes the first in this game 4. After only 26 seconds of play, Dylan Fabre on the line with Sacha Treille and Joël Champagne (Aurélien Dair left the game after a blow, but returned to the ice five minutes later) deceives the Angers goalkeeper, taking his own rebound (0-1). A first period dominated by the Dukes, who fail to deceive Jakub Stepanek. The Wolf Burners failed to make it 2-0 before the first break, but Sacha Treille stumbled over Evan Cowley on a penalty shot.

Stepanek shines, the ineffective Angevin power-play

On the other side, Jakub Stepanek preserves the meager advantage of his team, chaining the stops: in particular against Philippe Halley, with the end of the boot in front of Danick Bouchard, or with the shoulder on a shot from Vincent Llorca in the second period. Guilty of a charge in the back at the end of the second period, Markus Poukkula left his teammates ten minutes, but Grenoble held firm. Taking advantage in particular of the inefficiency of the Angevin power-play.

But the former BDL Antonin Manavian goes through it. With a powerful throw in the middle of the offensive zone, the defender equalized four against four (47th, 1-1). A match restarted a few minutes, before Markus Poukkula, back the day before from two months of injury, restored the advantage to Grenoble (52nd, 1-2)… A few seconds, Bouchard equalizing in stride (53rd, 2-2 ).

Grenoble still wins on penalties

Like the day before, return to overtime at three against three for ten minutes. Managed without huge risk-taking on both sides, except for these two minutes of Angevin superiority, which did nothing. It is still on penalties that the decision is made. And Grenoble won thanks to three shots on goal by Nicolas Deschamps, Sacha Treille and Dylan Fabre (against one for Angers by Philippe Halley).

The sheet

In Angers (IceParc): Grenoble beats Angers 3-2 (1-0, 0-0, 1-2; 0-0; 3 pens to 1), 3-1 in the series.

Referees: Messrs. Rauline, Barcelo, Goncalves and Douchy. 3586 spectators.

Goals for Angers: 46’00 [4v4] Manavian (Llorca, Halley); 52’30” Bouchard (Torquato, Sarlieve).

Goals for Grenoble: 0’27” Fabre (Treille, Champagne), 51’56” Poukkula (Deschamps); Trellis.

Penalties: 10′ (5×2′) against Angers; 24′ (7×2′ + 10′) against Grenoble.

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