Manure cleaning tutorial, our 5 tips

Manure cleaning tutorial, our 5 tips


Your car parked under a tree is “repainted”? Don’t panic, discover our tips for cleaning it without worries!

With the arrival of sunny days, trying to park in the shade of a tree. But birds also take advantage of spring… And can attack your car! Result, your body is “repainted”: which is not very elegant.

Droppings harmful to your paintwork

Worse, the contents of these droppings can attack the varnish layer of your paint if you do not take care to clean them quickly.

So for the easiest and most effective cleaning possible, follow the guide!

Don’t wait to act

The longer you wait, the drier the droppings, and the harder it will be to remove. If you spot one, clean it immediately before getting back behind the wheel. You will save yourself effort on arrival, and potential damage to your car. If you don’t have time to follow our tips and advice below, that’s okay: a little paper towel and water may be enough if the deposit is still fresh.

Wash your car before you start

If you’ve waited too long and the droppings are dry, you might as well do it right. Start by cleaning your entire body, or at least the panel in the offending area, with water and car shampoo. For those in a hurry, a pressure cleaning may be enough. The idea is to prevent micro-dirt from getting between your cloth and the bodywork, creating scratches. Discover our advice for an impeccable wash here.

Prepare a degreasing mixture

Mix a degreasing product (dishwashing liquid, soap, etc.) with water, and heat the assembly. The heat from the water will soften the droppings and help you remove them. Some specialized products also exist, but no need to invest if you have dishwashing liquid and a bottle on hand.

Remove droppings by taking care of your bodywork

Soak the droppings with your hot mixture. Put on a pair of gloves (the droppings can be toxic), then gently work on the droppings with a microfiber cloth. Be careful when removing the bulk of the damage not to rub with force: the droppings can scratch your paint. So take your time. Return to the place of the stain until it has completely disappeared.

Protect your car

It’s impossible to keep an eye on your car to prevent all the birds in the world from covering it with droppings… The simplest thing is, as after each car wash, to apply a polishing product (wax) to your bodywork to protect it. In addition to giving it a beautiful shine, it will act as a protective layer, which will prevent droppings but also mosquitoes and other dirt from becoming embedded in it. This will make your job much easier next time!

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