New Dragonflight areas in WoW, presentation of the expansion’s continent – Breakflip

New Dragonflight areas in WoW, presentation of the expansion's continent - Breakflip


Dragonflight, the next extension of WoW, has just been presented! In particular, we were able to discover the new continent and its five new zones.

Blizzard comes to officially present what will be the next expansion of World of Warcraft : Dragonflight! It will obviously be on the theme of dragons, with the addition of the possibility of riding on the back of these beasts in particular.

In addition to all that, it will be possible to go up to level 70 with this new extension, and therefore to discover new areas. Those are five areas that will be added to the game with the arrival of the new expansion, being part of the continent “The Dragon Islands”. We detail everything below!

What new areas in the Dragonflight extension on WoW?

In total, these are five areas which will be to visit in Dragonflight, on the continent “The Dragon Islands”:

For each of them, a description as well as one or more visuals are to be discovered by clicking on the links below. You can already get a glimpse of this new extension, which will highlight the dragons! The description of the continent The Dragon Islands is the following :

“The Dragon Isles are the ancestral home of the dragonflights of Azeroth. When the Great Sundering shattered the world, the magic wore off and the region fell asleep. Today, the Dragon Isles are awakening again, but old feuds and long-forgotten threats are also resurfacing.”

To be able to visit these places, it will be necessary wait for the release of the Dragonflight expansion. Unfortunately, for the moment, no release date has been announced. It will probably take several months before you can enjoy it.

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