NFT at Blizzard: The boss of Blizzard sets the record straight

NFT at Blizzard: The boss of Blizzard sets the record straight


business news NFT at Blizzard: The boss of Blizzard sets the record straight

Since the beginning of spring, we talk a little less about NFTs in video games, after a winter very marked by the different intentions expressed by publishers and developers. Square Enix believes in it a lot, Ubisoft has already started, SEGA is hesitating, and GSC Game World like Team17 tried their luck before backtracking.

Last week, Blizzard, which just officially absorbed Vicarious Visions and who is preparing to integrate Microsoft studios, broadcast a survey with the players.

Blizzard discusses NFTs in survey, gamers worry

The company headed by Mike Ybarra asks many questions, in particular on the functionalities and types of productions that could be of interest the players. We thus evoke cross-play, the generation of elements by AIs, virtual reality, augmented reality, but also NFTs.

As we know, the issue of NFTs Split Verry much. Some people are big believers in it, seeing it as an opportunity to get a form of property on virtual elements but also a means of protecting dematerialized works. On the other side, we criticize the ecological impact of these non-fungible tokens, but also the speculation ensuing.

However, many studios and publishers are studying the possibility of using this technology linked to the blockchain, and it’s no surprise to see Blizzard looking into the matter. This survey obviously caused a lot of reaction, the players seeing it as a first step towards the integration of NFTs in games, evoking for example potential mounts for World of Warcraft whose new extension will be presented this Tuesday, April 19 at 18 hours.

Under a tweet from Andy Robinson, journalist at VGC, Mike Ybarra wanted to set the record straight : “no one makes NFTs” at Blizzard. In other words, this survey is not there to indicate that they are coming, but only to gauge interest player potential for them.

A closed topic? Not sure

The boss of Blizzard will not go into details, and we will have to settle for this answer for the moment. That Doesn’t mean NFTs won’t happen in Blizzard games in the future, but, at this time, it doesn’t appear to be planned.

Moreover, it is difficult for Blizzard to project itself on this kind of subject, since in a little over a year, if all goes well, it’s Microsoft and Phil Spencer who will make these kinds of decisions. Not sure that the developers of Diablo IV, World of Warcraft and Overwatch take the risk of playing with its image, being rebuilt, before this change of flag.

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