NordVPN: 72% off 2-year subscription with antivirus feature!

NordVPN: 72% off 2-year subscription with antivirus feature!


NordVPN has expanded its offer and now offers an antivirus. Indeed, the VPN provider has launched its antivirus which protects you against viruses, trackers and malware. Discover this new feature and especially how to subscribe to the two-year subscription with a 72% reduction.

If you regularly listen to podcasts or watch videos on YouTube, you certainly know the benefits of a VPN. Services like NordVPN let you bypass geo-restrictions, surf the net safely, and explore streaming catalogs from other countries. If you use NordVPN, you can now benefit from new anti-virus protection.

For the launch of its new antivirus feature, NordVPN is offering a 72% discount on its two-year subscription. The monthly price thus drops to just 2.89 euros. To take advantage of this offer, click on the widget just above this paragraph. If you are still unsure, below are the main benefits of NordVPN’s new antivirus feature.

A dematerialized antivirus

In order to further increase the security of its users, NordVPN has integrated new antivirus protection into its VPN. The trick is that the detection and defense against viruses, trackers and malware does not work on your computer or smartphone, but directly on the server. This way, not only will malware not reach your device, but it also prevents the application from exploiting its computing power.

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In addition to protection against the dangers of the web, NordVPN also takes care of confidentiality when the VPN connection is activated and ensures better browsing comfort. Indeed, although the VPN connection already protects you by hiding your IP address, the provider completely blocks trackers. The same goes for advertisements which on many sites can be really aggressive or even lure you to dangerous sites.

You will be able to see how much malware NordVPN is blocking at any time in a weekly view in the NordVPN app. In addition to having peace of mind, you will also be able to better assess which sites are potentially dangerous if you browse on a foreign device without a VPN. Thus, the provider completes its security offer even more.

The other advantages of NordVPN are still in the game

By subscribing to an antivirus subscription, you will also benefit from the well-known advantages of NordVPN. These include blazing-fast speeds for surfing online or streaming movies, reliable and reliable apps to use, with handy features like a kill switch in case the VPN connection fails or the auto-connection for fast security on foreign networks. To learn more about the effectiveness of the service, read our full NordVPN review.

If you’re currently on a NordVPN subscription, you’ll get a 72% discount on the two-year subscription. The monthly cost will then drop from 10.49 euros to only 2.89 euros. Payment is made only once with the payment method of your choice. For the next two years, you will therefore have paid 69.36 euros.

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