North. Pizza Fraich’Up and E.coli contamination: the Buitoni factory raided

 North.  Pizza Fraich'Up and E.coli contamination: the Buitoni factory raided


A search was carried out on Wednesday at the Buitoni factory in Caudry (Nord), the production site for Fraich’Up frozen pizzas considered by the health authorities to be the cause of several serious cases of contamination of children by the E.coli bacterium. , which left two dead, said the gendarmerie.

Investigation for “manslaughter”, “deception” and “endangering others”

The search has been underway since this morning, under the responsibility of the Paris prosecutor’s office, which opened an investigation for “involuntary homicides”“deception” and “endangering others”. Fifty people are affected by these contaminations with the bacteriawhich can have disastrous consequences on the health of the most vulnerable, especially children and the elderly.

On March 30, the industrial director of Nestlé, affirmed that no trace of E Coli was found within the factory, but the prefecture prohibited the resumption of production in the factory, at the stop since March 22, “until compliance with the regulations in force”. Serious breaches of hygiene rules, including the presence of rats, had indeed been noted by the authorities.

In addition to France, Belgium and Luxembourg, where they have been recalled since mid-March, these pizzas have been distributed in around twenty countries, in Switzerland and Slovenia, and even in Qatar, as well as in sub-Saharan Africa.

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