“Pink Moon” and exceptional alignment of planets this weekend

“Pink Moon” and exceptional alignment of planets this weekend


The weekend promises to be exceptional for astronomy enthusiasts: they will be able to enjoy the “pink” full moon, but also a rare alignment of planets.

Indeed, the planets Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will all be observable with the naked eye from Sunday.

This phenomenon, which will only be visible in the northern hemisphere, will peak on April 23, according to NASA.


You will have to get up early to enjoy the show since it is at sunrise that this alignment will be the most remarkable.

It will then be necessary to look towards the east, where the sun rises.

After April 23, the planets will still be visible together, but no longer on a single line.

For those who miss this event, don’t panic! An even more impressive phenomenon will take place on the evening of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day when all the planets of the solar system will align!

Five of them (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) will be visible to the naked eye. However, it will be necessary to bring a telescope or astronomical glasses to observe Uranus and Nepture.

Easier to observe this Saturday evening: the so-called “pink” full moon. According to NASA’s Gordon Johnstonit’s even a full moon weekend to which Earthlings will have the right.

Don’t expect to see it “pink” even though the Moon often takes on an orange color due to sunlight.

The name “pink moon” rather refers to spring and the first blooms around the world.

NASA explains that the term refers to “Phlox subulata”, one of the most widespread early flowers.

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