Police officers have their radar stolen during a check

Police officers have their radar stolen during a check


It is a rather unusual adventure that the German police had to face, who had their mobile radar stolen.

The speed cameras, this is undoubtedly one of the biggest fears of motorists on the road. It only takes a second of inattention to receive a fine ticket a few days later, for a speeding violation of only a few km/h. Obviously, it’s infuriating, especially since there is always a withdrawal of points in the key, as well as a fine, of course. But sometimes traffic checks don’t always go as planned, and some motorists are lucky enough to slip through the cracks. And this time, it’s thanks to a daring thief, who stole a radar from the police, in full control!

An unprecedented radar flight

The story does not take place in France, but in Germany, and more precisely about a hundred kilometers northeast of Frankfurt, as relayed by our colleagues from Radars-Auto.com. On March 23, several police officers engaged in a traffic control, using a mobile radar placed on the ground, as we also see a lot on our French roads. After installing the device, they return to their vehicle, letting the radar do the work. But some time later, they discover that the screen in the car is black.

What was their surprise when they realized that the radar has disappeared ! For now, the thief has not been found, while a call for witnesses has been launched to locate the machine, worth around €30,000.

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