Presidential 2022. Marine Le Pen resumes her field campaign by denouncing the “100% Macron” crises

Presidential 2022. Marine Le Pen resumes her field campaign by denouncing the “100% Macron” crises


Marine Le Pen resumed, for the second round of the presidential election, his field campaign in a farm in Yonne on Monday, accusing his opponent Emmanuel Macron of being “100%” responsible for crises, such as that of the “yellow vests”, and not to anticipate that of inflation.

“I like mud.” The candidate of the National Rally had to circumvent several puddles by visiting the cereal farm of Thierry and Dominique Blanc, in Soucy, worried about the increase in the price of fertilizers or seeds.

“Inflation Wall”

Beyond the increase in gas, fuel oil, electricity or fuel prices, amplified by the war in Ukraine, “there is another black cloud which is coming over the heads of the French and which will be the ‘food price inflation’, warns Marine Le Pen, who has made purchasing power a central theme of her campaign.

Emmanuel Macron mentioned a food check, but “where, when, for whom, by how much? asks the candidate. “Anticipation is fundamental. For the moment we tinker, ”she slices. Faced with this “wall of inflation”, “the State must provide the answers”, according to her, such as “the insecurity which rots the existence of our compatriots on a daily basis” or “immigration issues”. .

Macron’s “policy” “has done a lot of harm”

She rolls out her proposals for a reduction in VAT or a basket of 100 basic necessities exempt from VAT, and insists on a “structural” measure in her eyes, France’s exit from the electricity market.
The issues of food or industrial sovereignty have been “revealed by the crises created by Emmanuel Macron from scratch: the crisis of yellow vests, (…) 100% Macron production” or “the Covid crisis”, accuses she.

While the outgoing president travels the same day his elected lands in Hauts-de-France, after a late entry into the campaign, Marine Le Pen assures us that she “didn’t wait for it because otherwise (she) would never have started” hers. She hopes that the candidate president, by going to Denain (North), one of the poorest cities in France, will become “aware” of “consequences of his policy” which “has done a lot of harm”.

“Serene” for the second round

At the start of the afternoon, Marine Le Pen, for the third time candidate for the Elysée Palace, boasted, “serene”, her “experience” by congratulating herself on having overcome “the obstacles” of the first round, starting by competition from a rival named Eric Zemmour.

She will hit the road again on Tuesday to go to Vernon, in Eure, where she intends to explain her “way of governing” in order to “improve the democratic functioning” of the country.

The RN candidate intends to multiply press conferences because the French “will be very largely misinformed”, according to her, between the two rounds.

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