Presidential 2022. Why Marine Le Pen’s profession of faith poses a problem for the “policeman” of the campaign

Presidential 2022. Why Marine Le Pen's profession of faith poses a problem for the


A profession of faith that does not pass, at least as it stands. According to France Inter, the National Commission for the Control of the Electoral Campaign (CNCCEP), in other words the “gendarme” of the presidential campaign, asked Marine Le Pen to clarify figures present in his profession of faith for the second round. The RN candidate assures that they are correct.

In the three-page leaflet, the far-right candidate criticizes Emmanuel Macron’s record on insecurity and immigration, citing “+31% intentional attacks since 2017” and “1.5 million immigrants additional persons who have entered France legally since 2017”. Two figures already cited in Marine le Pen’s profession of faith for the first round, but not sourced. This time, it is specified that they come from the “Ministry of the Interior”.

But the CNCCEP was unable to corroborate them. Reason why she asked for details from the ex-president of the RN. The Commission states that it is not unusual for it to request such clarifications from applicants. If Marine Le Pen does not give him satisfaction, the CNCCEP may not approve his profession of faith.

Marine Le Pen not worried

” I can not imagine [son interdiction] since the figures which are in my profession of faith are sourced with figures from the Ministry of the Interior”, maintained Marine Le Pen this Wednesday after a visit to a construction company in Gennevilliers (Hauts-de- Seine). “Beware of this type of maneuver (…) be careful to respect democracy,” she warned.

Its profession of faith has already gone to the printer and its non-approval would amount to throwing away thousands of documents. “I really do not see what could push the judge of the election to [l’]ban, which would amount to addressing to the French only the profession of faith of the outgoing president”, observed Marine Le Pen.

Questionable figures

According to figures from the statistics service of the Ministry of the Interior (SSMSI), the number of victims of intentional assault and battery rose from 233,600 in 2017 to 306,700 in 2021, an increase of 31.29%, figure given by Marine Le Pen in her profession of faith. But, underlines a source at the Ministry of the Interior, “it is intra-family violence that is increasing, in connection with the freedom of speech, the Grenelle of domestic violence and the improvement of the reception of victims”.

Excluding domestic violence, the number of victims of intentional assault and battery rose from 133,000 in 2017 to 149,200 in 2021, an increase of 12.18%.

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