Priority vehicles: what sanction?

Priority vehicles: what sanction?


Easily identifiable, priority vehicles enjoy a very special status. What is the risk of not letting them pass?

During your life as a motorist, you have necessarily already had to deal with a fire truck, an ambulance or a police who needed to pass. Considered priority vehicles, in the same way as customs or vehicles escorted by the police or the gendarmerie, the latter benefit from specific rights and have absolute priority over other road users. Be careful, however, because to be considered as in intervention and to take advantage of this pass, vans and other emergency cars must imperatively activate their siren and their flashing light.

A heavy penalty

In this case, what are the risks if you decide not to give way to a priority vehicle? On this subject, the Highway Code is very clear, as stated in thearticle R415-12 : “ In all circumstances, all drivers are required to give way to priority vehicles of general interest announcing their approach by the use of special horns provided for their category.and […] The fact, for any driver, of not respecting the priority rules set out in this article is punishable by the fine provided for for contraventions of the fourth class. “.

In concrete terms, you incur a €135 fine, reduced to €90 if you pay within two weeks of sending the report. Be aware, however, that you risk nothing if you run a red light to let a priority vehicle pass. In any case, be careful never to put yourself in danger, if others.

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