PS5 back in stock at several famous merchants this week

PS5 back in stock at several famous merchants this week


If you’re still looking for a PS5, luck could smile on you soon, with increasingly frequent sales, especially from online retailers like Amazon, Cdiscount or even Rue du Commerce, without forgetting the cultural or specialized brands, such as Micromania, Fnac, Darty or Cultura. In addition, some supermarket chains also have them in stock on a regular basis, and offer them to their customers via their online sales sites. This Tuesday morning for example, Showroomprive offered a new sale just like Fnac with various packs available ! Be prepared to take advantage of the sales, and you might be able to get your hands on the PS5 Standard Edition at 499 euros, or the PS5 Digital Edition at 399 euros: the two models have the same characteristics, the only difference being in the presence or not a blu-ray player.

Merchants where it is possible to find the PS5 in stock:

PS5 back in stock: here’s where to go

If PS5 sales are becoming more and more frequent, stocks are still quite limited, and you will therefore have to be quick to hope to get one. To put the odds on your side, we will not fail to notify you as soon as possible of new sales, but you can also keep yourself informed by subscribing to stock alerts from merchants such as Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac. Also, don’t forget to add Sony’s console to your favorites or wishlists, to ensure you receive notification ahead of sales, and make sure you have an active account with up-to-date information with each brand that offers the PS5: on D-Day, every second counts. Finally, if you are an Amazon customer, do not hesitate to take advantage of the Amazon Prime trial so as not to miss any private sales.

PS5 games are currently at a reduced price, take advantage of them:

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