PS5: Soon ads in Sony games?

PS5: Soon ads in Sony games?


The year 2022 is rich in projects of all kinds for the Japanese company sonyand one of them was recently revealed by a survey of Insider : Ads would soon be added to PlayStation games. But then, in what form and for what reason? Let’s see this together!

Why put ads on PlayStation games?

This is the main question that the community has formulated after the publication of Insider’s report on the subject. The answer is quite simple, Sony would like to encourage developers to continue producing games in free-to-playwhile finding new ways to monetize them and give them a reliable source of income.

Free-to-play video games have met with real success in recent years. Although they often feature in-game purchases for cosmetics and the like, they are still very accessible. As an example of free-to-play on PlayStation, you can find battle royale like Apex Legends Where Fortniteand other types of video game productions such as Genshin Impact Where Dauntless.

Apex Legends - Millenium
Apex Legends

It would therefore not be so surprising if Sony wanted to encourage this type of production on playstationthus promising their developers to be better paid.

What form would these ads take?

Don’t worry, your games won’t be interrupted by 20 seconds of ads like you can see on some streaming services. Pubs on PlayStation would, according to Insider still, take the form panels or product placement integrated into the game. This type of advertisements would absolutely not disturb your gaming experience.

The Insider report adds: “The goal is for the ads to appear as part of the game, similar to digital billboards in sports stadiums. Formats could include ads that offer viewers rewards for watching the ads and promotions for in-game items like skins and more”.

GTA V - Millennium

The most concrete existing example is that of billboards, “billboards”present in the four corners of Los Santos in GTA V. We can therefore imagine that, if PlayStation puts in place advertisements for its games, the result could be more or less similar to this.

Same project for Xbox

According to another report by InsiderXbox would also have similar desires regarding the addition of in-game advertisements. Two reliable sources would have told the media: “They are moving cautiously and intend to create a private market, where only certain brands will be able to insert advertisements within video games without disrupting the gaming experience”.


Same ambitions as Sony for the Microsoft brand therefore, encouraging developers to move towards free-to-play. It would seem that the two competing companies have the same motives and implement the same development strategy.

It’s important to note that these are Insider reports and that neither company, nor Sony nor Microsoft, has confirmed the presence of ads in their games in the near future. So we will have to wait an official announcement to really know what to expect. Waiting, the race for buyouts continues for the two giants of the video game industry. There will be no boring this year!


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