Samsung 980 Pro SSD with heatsink: the new star of PS5 compatible SSDs is still on sale

SSD Samsung 980 Pro avec dissipateur : la nouvelle star des SSD compatibles PS5 est encore en promotion


News good plan Samsung 980 Pro SSD with heatsink: the new star of PS5 compatible SSDs is still on sale

It is now an almost obligatory passage for all owners of PS5 from the first hour, the purchase of an additional SSD to increase the initial storage capacity which turns out, in the end, to be quite limited. Among the different models available, the Samsung 980 with heatsink is one of the most interesting thanks to this promotion on Amazon.

Canon price for the Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe SSD on Amazon

In an ideal world, once you have bought a console for almost 500 euros, you would like to be able to enjoy it for the duration of its operation, without having to worry about a possible slim or pro model in progress. road and especially without having to upgrade its console like a common PC.

We’re exaggerating a bit of course, but running out of memory only a year after buying your console, it still raises questions. Either way, whether you own a Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, or PS5, the problem is the same, and the storage isn’t infinite.

On PS5, Sony has chosen a 1 TB NVMe SSD for its operating system and the installation of games but leaves the choice to players to install a second SSD via an available and easily accessible slot.

However, some conditions are necessary :

  • Buying an M.2 NVMe Gen 4 SSD is mandatory
  • Check its size and size (pay attention to the thickness of the heatsinks)
  • For full compatibility, ensure that it exceeds or equals 5500 MB/s in reading

Normally offered at €199, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD with integrated heatsink is currently available from Amazon at €159.

Buy the Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB NVMe SSD with heatsink for €159 at Amazon

The Samsung 980 Pro SSD with heatsink is ideal for PS5 and for PC

It’s probably nothing for you, but the recent release of this new version of the excellent Samsung 980 Pro SSD is actually a small revolution. Until now, Samsung did not want to release a model with an integrated heatsink, preferring to rely on a proprietary intelligent thermal control system. It must be said that in a computer tower, the ventilation is sufficiently important for this to be sufficient.

But inside Sony’s planned little hatch for the PS5, it’s a whole different story. Without a heatsink, the SSD will tend to heat up and slow down its performance. Unthinkable when you spend so much on an accessory. Others have understood this, like Western Digital and its famous WD_Black SN850 which has been selling like hot cakes for months. It’s no surprise then that Samsung is finally reacting so as not to leave an entire market to one of its biggest rivals. Hence the idea of ​​this new version of the 980 Pro with an integrated heatsink, perfectly suited to the PS5.

The Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD with heatsink in a nutshell :

  • Format : M.2 2280 NVMe
  • Ability : 1TB, 2TB
  • Interface : Gen 4, PCI express 4.0 x 4
  • Compatibility : PC, PS5
  • Guarantee : 5 years
  • Reading : 7000 MB/s
  • Writing : 5000 MB/s
  • Integrated heat sink : Yes
  • Price : From 159 to 294€

Normally available at €199 for the 1 TB version and €399 for the 2 TB version, we currently find the two models on sale at Amazon at €159 and €294, a few euros less than its new rival, the WD_Black SN850 .

Buy the Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB NVMe SSD with heatsink for €159 at Amazon

Everything you need to know about SSDs for PS5

How to increase PS5 storage space?

There are two ways to expand your PS5’s storage, via an external hard drive (HDD) or via an SSD to slot into your console. However, only with an internal SSD will you be able to run games.

How to install an internal SSD on the PS5?

To do this, you will need a size 1 Phillips screwdriver. After making sure that the console is unplugged, lay it down and position it in front of you. Remove the cover and then unscrew the SSD expansion slot cover. Remove the screws, plug in the SSD and screw it in. All you have to do is close the cover of the space dedicated to the SSD and replace the outer cover. Plug the console back in and follow the PS5 format utility instructions so you can use your new SSD.

Which internal SSDs are compatible with the PS5?

Currently, due to very strict rules for integrating an SSD, only a few PCIe 4.0 models can be used. With a heatsink, we will remember the WD_Black SN850 SSD, and then, in the category without heatsink, you can count on the Sabrent 2Tb Rocket 4 Plus, the Samsung 980 Pro or the Crucial P5 Plus.

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