Sony pays a nice sum to Epic Games

Sony pays a nice sum to Epic Games


The Daily, it’s starting! On the menu of the day, Elon Musk who announces that he will not sit on the Twitter administration committee, Sony is investing even more in Epic, and we will take a look at LEGO Star Wars.

Elon Musk flip-flops

We learned a few days ago, the billionaire Elon Musk, creator of Space X, Paypal or Tesla, has invested a few million dollars in the blue bird social network. After taking a poll on adding an edit button, the billionaire announced that he didn’t want to serve on Twitter’s Board of Directors. While we don’t actually know why Musk rejected the offer, it’s easy to imagine that his involvement in this company could take up too much of his time, precious time for the investor who prefers to work on his own companies.

Sony trusts Epic again

Yet another big investment! After a partnership with LEGO, the company Epic wishes to promote and highlight its Metaverse project. And to do this, what better than a nice fat check from Sony. After some timid investments of 200 million and 250 million dollars, Sony decided to unpack everything to honor Epic, with the sum of 1 billion dollars. A colossal small round sum that allows Sony to put more than one foot in the company’s Metaverse project. As a reminder, Epic is majority owned by Tim Sweeney (51%), and 40% by the Tencent group.

LEGO Star Wars reach for the stars

Last April 5 came out LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. LEGO’s latest episode has delighted the press and captured the hearts of the public. We already know that the saga is the 5th most popular license of all time, just behind GTA, FIFA, Call of Duty and Mario. On Steam, a peak of no less than 82,517 concurrent players was recorded. A record that was held by the previous component with 5953 players connected. Colossal figures for a saga that he is just as much.

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