Speedons: Record broken for MisterMV’s charity speedruns contest!

Speedons: Record broken for MisterMV's charity speedruns contest!


News event Speedons: Record broken for MisterMV’s charity speedruns contest!

Organized by MisterMV for the benefit of Doctors of the World, Speedons is a charity event that takes more or less the principle of the AGDQ and the SGDQ over three days. It brings together many players who are fans of speedrunning, offering their performances alone or with others, with the aim of raising funds.

From Friday at 5 p.m. to Sunday midnight live from the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the 2022 edition of Speedons took place in public, after a first edition postponed several times and organized with the health constraints linked to the pandemic.

A busy schedule for Speedons 2022!

Last year, MisterMV and the various speedrunners enabled Doctors of the World to raise 614,000 euros. A very nice sum for a first event, much more specific than a ZEvent. Over the entire duration of the 2022 edition, 47 speedruns were organizedwith sometimes demonstrations of glitches made following the achievement of certain goals collection.

As for the comments, always very appreciated by the spectators who discover many things about their favorite games, we found including Realmyop and CoeurDeVandaleLaink, DamDam, ZeratoR, Aelthan, Chachamaxx, Yamato or even Shisheyu. Speed-drawing was also part of the game, with works by NyoSlanmetha and Dzoho.

Record broken with huge donations on Saturday evening

Note in particular competitive runs of Rayman Originsof
Super Mario Sunshine and of Metroid Dreadthe very impressive parts of death loop, Beat Saber, Dishonored 2, Tintin in Tibet or Hollow Knight, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (2019) and Dead Cellsbut let us especially remember that this new edition raised €802,166 ! Record broken by the speedrun of French speedruns, which already gives us See you next year for a brand new edition.

Still, total donations were slightly behind the baselines set last year, with €125,000 collected on Saturday around 1 p.m.. That was without counting the first big donations, then Sunday daywhere the amounts as well as the number of donations exploded to finally quite significantly exceed the total of last year.

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