Stellantis future giant of automotive Tech?

Stellantis future giant of automotive Tech?


The Stellantis automotive group continues to invest heavily in the technology market. The brand aims to be a leader in the segment.

Automakers aren’t just interested in cars. For many, the market for new technologies is a priority. If we know the significant expenses of Tesla for Research and Development of its models, other manufacturers are also interested in these new technologies. This is particularly the case of the Stellantis group, which confirms its desire for development on the “Tech” market.

New partnerships to come

In an interview with our colleagues from Les Echos, the new head of technology, Ned Curic, confirms that the Stellantis group plans to new partnerships. The group already has collaborations with Amazon, Foxconn. In the words of Ned Curic to Les Echos, “a mega-partnership” will be announced next May. With these partnerships, Stellantis hopes to make progress on things like autonomous driving, embedded software or data monetization. These alliances with the best Tech companies make it possible to benefit from advanced skills. According to Ned Curic, these investments will also make it possible to rethink working methods.

Startups also solicited by Stellantis

Stellantis also raised 300 million euros in March last for startups. The latter will have to provide technologies that will enable the Stellantis group to become a major player in new forms of mobility. These investments are united under the name Stellantis Ventures. If start-ups have been solicited by Stellantis, it is first of all because they have the advantage of being able to reach a high level of innovation. A technological development that would take much longer in traditional services.

Through these investments and this strategythe Stellantis group hopes to accelerate on the Tech market.

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