suspended prison sentence and stadium ban for two PSG supporters

suspended prison sentence and stadium ban for two PSG supporters


Two ultra PSG supporters were sentenced Monday in Paris to a four-month suspended prison sentence and a two-year stadium ban for violence during the Coupe de France match between Paris FC and OL in December.

The two men, who appeared before the criminal court, are also prohibited for the same period from appearing near the stadiums where the two teams play, said the justice, confirming information from The Team.

The match stopped at half-time

On December 17, at half-time in the 32nd final of the Coupe de France between Paris FC (L2) and Olympique Lyonnais (OL) at the Charléty stadium in Paris, smoke bombs were launched near the parking lot of the Lyon supporters and fights had broken out in the stands, leading to crowd movements and the deployment of the police. These incidents injured two people.

Two agricultural bombs had also exploded and the game was stopped 1-1 as the second half was about to start.

This violence followed a long series of incidents in the stands in French stadiums since the start of the season.

Three men were arrested

The day after the incidents, the Paris prosecutor’s office investigated for intentional violence within a sports arena that resulted in incapacity for work less than or equal to eight days.

Identified through CCTV footage, three men were arrested on December 21.

At the end of their police custody, two of them were summoned to appear before the court and the third released without prosecution.

The French Football Federation (FFF), a civil party in this trial, has simultaneously excluded the two clubs from the 2021-22 edition of the Coupe de France, a decision accompanied by other sanctions such as matches behind closed doors and fines. .

OL also received a suspended exclusion from competition from 2022-23.

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