Tested: 2022 Maserati MC20 marks the return to Glory

2022 Maserati MC20 is not related to any Ferrari. Or, in this case, for Alfa Romeo, or Fiat, or Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep. This is its own machine, with a specially built machine and monocoque carbon fiber, and it marks a new era of independence for Maserati. Not from the Stelllantis Empire, your mind, but from a chaotic past, when the Maserati note might remind you of Ferrari, but the cluster instrument will say, Dodge Dart. The MC20 is a pair of dihedral doors pointing to the sky, towards Maserati’s newfound ambition.
MC20 is what you call exotic entry-level, with a base price of $ 215,995 and a list of options that can push prices to exceed $ 300k. It is supported by the 621-HP Twin-Turbo 3.0-liter V-6 that Maserati boasts the highest production of six-cylinder output on earth, easily forgetting the Porsche 911 Turbo S (640 horsepower), Ferrari 296 GTB (654 horsepower), and Ford GT (660 horsepower). McLaren Artura Hybrid will also have a V-6, so it seems we are entering the golden era for the performance of six pots, provided you have at least several hundred grand to spend.

Highs: making 207.6 horsepower per liter, model-specific machines and interiors, looks really right.

Large machines must have their own names, and Maserati is obliged to dub 3.0 liters of “Nettuno”, namely Italy for Neptune. It uses a patented Pracombustion design that gives each cylinder two combustion spaces, each with its own spark plug. This is a turbocharged, dry, oversquare design and built for rev. The peak of horsepower arrives at 7500 pm and 538 pounds of torque is available at 3000 pm. This ferocious small machine is connected to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that moves the rear wheel. While McLaren and Ferrari V-6 are hybridizations, Maserati plans to pass the move and offer MC20 as full-filled electricity carbon designed to accommodate coupe variants, convertible, and electricity. For now, the MC20 is pure internal combustion. And it’s not a shame about that.

From the driver’s seat, this machine plays a single soundtrack. There is heavy breathing from the turbos mixed with the angry blat of the exhaust and distinctive combustion sound. There is no alpha-style style here. In a stable throttle, Nettuno released a kind of annoying Gurgle that almost sounded like detonation, which might be a smart and patented burnt room at work. Right when you think you will hear all the sounds that can make the machine, this is Maserati with a new one.
Throttle cracks are wide open and that Gurgle is driven by many other voices, such as blood that shows off your ears when your body is destroyed to the Sabel chair. The MC20 sent 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, the time reflected the initial moment when the launch control struggled to keep the rear tire 305 / 30zr-20 Bridgestone Potenza Sport from the smoke ride. After being fully connected, the 621 horse fully confirmed itself, with a quarter-mile passed 11.0 seconds at 131 mph. This is a cliche to say that the power of the passing car feels like it ends with a garbage truck, but it’s really how it feels when you suddenly the accelerator mat when traveling at MC20. Downshifts transmission instantly and greatly, and then you are on your way to the speed of the license. In the 50-to-70-to-70-mph acceleration test, MC20 is only 2.4 seconds. The sensation is that there is no slack in the system – until you hit the brakes and find that the pedal runs almost to the floor before the bearings really bite up to $ 10,000 optional carbon-ceramic rotors. Because this is a by-wire brake system, we recommend Maserati sacrificing some easy modulation on behalf of increasing closeness.