The Alpine A110 could be produced in England

The Alpine A110 could be produced in England


The French manufacturer is thinking very seriously about transferring the production of the Alpine A110 to England.

It’s a french pride who could soon leave France and cross the English Channel. According to our newspaper colleagues The galleryRenault is thinking very seriously about transferring production of the Alpine A110 to the Hethel site in England.

A collaboration with Lotus in perspective

The historic site of Dieppe could lose the production of the small French sports car. Renault is considering moving production to the Lotus brand factories, located in the Norfolk region of Hethel. Lotus, which belongs to Chinese Geely, had been chosen by Renault to produce the chassis for the A110. It is therefore Lotus who would take care of the assembly of the sports tricolor. This relocation would take place to 2025scheduled date for the renewal of the model. Renault has not yet reacted to this information provided by our colleagues from La Tribune.

A worrying departure in Dieppe

This possible transfer of production of the A110 to England would not necessarily be good news for the employees of the Normandy site. In 2020, Renault was already wondering about the future of the factory, deemed too unprofitable. Renault management however confirmed at the beginning of the year that the Dieppe plant would produce the future Alpine SUV from 2025. With the collaboration started with Lotusthis future SUV could perhaps be inspired by the Eletre presented recently. Another model will be assembled from 2024 on the Dieppe site. This is the Alpine R5, derived from the Renault R5.

A production transfer that could tarnish the image of the Alpine A110, national pride. Especially since Renault has succeeded in renewing its contract with the French State for the delivery of 36 copies of the A110. To see if this change will affect the image of the A110 and have an impact on sales. For the moment, Renault has sold 2,660 copies of its sport in the world.

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