“The arrival of the far right in power is unimaginable”


➤ Do you fear the second round of the presidential election?

“The question of the re-election of Emmanuel Macron is not recorded or automatic. And I find that the first words of the President of the Republic are not extremely skilful. The real issue is not to use the term membership vote. Tomorrow, I will vote Macron because there is the risk of the far right. And I invite the elected officials of LREM to show a lot of humility. Emmanuel Macron must back down on a number of subjects.

➤ He mentioned a retirement finally at 64 rather than 65…

“64 and a half or 65… First, he must withdraw the retirement reform at 65 and ask it later, in intelligence. Secondly, he must propose a very large investment plan on housing, habitat, transitions and purchasing power. The real subject is next winter: how are we going to get through it with a gas bill that is going to explode? And third, he has to drop the augmentation plan…

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