the cloud returns to France tomorrow!

the cloud returns to France tomorrow!


The orange cloud of dust from the Sahara will make its big comeback in France. There’s still time to put your car away!

To the mid-March 2022, many of you were surprised by this phenomenon. Orange skies, cars covered in dust: the Sahara sand went back to Europe to cover almost all of France. And if you had finally found the time to wash your car since, bad news: the Sahara dust will very soon make their return to France.

According to Météo France, the orange cloud coming from the Sahara will appear this evening, the monday april 11. At the end of the day, the Pyrenees region should see the phenomenon in its sky. But it’s mostly Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 April that the dust will be felt in France. They will form, still according to the weather agency, a band going from the Pyrenees to Normandy tuesday. Then, on Wednesday, this South-North band will shift towards the East, with greater concentrations in Occitania.

Sahara sand: be careful when cleaning your car!

In short, if your car is clean and you have the opportunity, it’s a good time to store your car in a garage, or cover it with a tarpaulin. If you can’t protect your car, don’t panic. Dust is not, in itself, dangerous for your bodywork. But be very careful when washing it, otherwise it will create many scratches on your polish. Follow our tips for clean the Sahara dust well here. In short: do not wash your car in a roller gantryor by hand with a sponge.

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